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Surfboard Repair

Surfboard Repair Kits

BIG DING Surfboard Repair Kits (Polyester & Epoxy) are perfectly equipped with everything you need to repair your board professionally! They contain the best resin (Polyester: silmar 249a/ Epoxy: surf clear) and glass (hexel) for several repair jobs. The detailed instruction enables you to get even the big dings healed – like a pro! Thanks to the practical screw lid box, storage of the surf repair kitcomponents is easy and the kit can be reused several times.

Surfboard Repair UV Cure tubes

The tubes come in a practical folding box out of paper to avoid plastic and includes 4 grits of sanding paper, detailed instruction, a wooden putty, a piece of foil, and a BIG DING sticker. The UV cure surf repair tubes are glass fiber reinforced and harden within minutes only by the power of the sun. No mixing is required, it is super strong, easy to handle, super fast, and bubble free!

Epoxy or Polyester?

This depends on the surfboard you have, or rather which blank material it is based on. Most boards are based on Polyurethan (PU) and are laminated with polyester resin. For PU boards use our red polyester surf repair kit. Hhowever you can also use the blue epoxy kit. In conclusion, use the blue Epoxy repair kit if you have an epoxy based board based on expanded Polystyren (EPS) or extruded Polystyren (IX-PS, XPS). It is important to note that Polyester might eat a hole in your Polystyren blank.

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